Columbia Today


Today, Columbia thrives as a mature community of over 100,000 residents.  It has—for the most part—achieved its original goals.  

In the 1960’s, developer Jim Rouse envisioned that the city of Columbia would be established with  four guiding principles. These were to:

  1. Build a complete city
  2. Respect the land
  3. Provide for the growth of people
  4. Make a profit

All of Columbia’s ten villages—save for Town Center—have been completely developed.   River Hill was the last and most recent village to be completed in 1992.  The map* below illustrates how Master plan has been achieved.

*There are a number of households that are located within the Columbia zip codes but are not part of the original planned community.  This map illustrates exactly where the boundaries lie.  Census Data will always report inclusion of all households.  The total acreage of non-planned sections is approximately 10 per cent.

Columbia, MD

14,720+ Acres




49% Non-Hispanic Caucasian
25% Black or African American
11% Asian
8% Hispanic

Open Space

3,500 acres
3 lakes; 41 ponds
167 tot lots
94 Miles of Pathways

Business Facilities

14.4 million square feet office space
4.6 million square feet retail space
1,421 hotel rooms

Fitness Facilities

23 outdoor pools
4 indoor pools
3 full-service athletic clubs
3 tennis clubs; 53 tennis courts
2 golf courses
1 mind-body wellness facility
1 indoor ice rink



61.3% Bachelor’s Degree or Above
30.0% Graduate or Professional Degree




41% single-family detached
25.8 single-family attached
33.3 multi-family

Average Income