The people are what makes Columbia great – by Norman Winkler

In 2016 Columbia Maryland was chosen as the best place to live in the country. As a Columbia pioneer July 2, 1967 I already knew how special Columbia has been and will continue to be. It is truly unique and wonderful in the opportunities it provides to all who make it their “home”. I remember fishing on Wilde Lake as a child. I remember attending Bryant Woods Elementary school when it opened – I was able to generate life long friendships with those I went to school with. I remember “Mr. B” our legendary teacher and Media Center Specialist – he taught thousands of children to appreciate the written and visual word. I fondly remember the sporting activities and the quality CA facilities for golf, soccer, baseball, basketball, swimming, horseback riding as well as the ability to walk out my back door and go fishing at Wilde Lake. Most of all I remember the GREAT people of Columbia who tirelessly volunteered their time to make Columbia Special.